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About The Design Line

21st Century Castle Design

Castello di Potentino has launched a design line, collaborating with all our talented friends - some of whom have been volunteers - to develop a 21st Century Castle brand.

You can view the catalogue for the show we did with Nigel Coates in Milan Fuori Salone at the Salone del Mobile 2015 on Issuu here or you can download the pdf here.

Castello di Potentino will be utilising local skills and local materials; sourcing tradition and redefining the role of the Castle in modern-day terms.

We create designs that are solid, well-crafted, intelligent and practical:
- designs heavily influenced by Tuscan sobriety, with strong reference to a wide array of aesthetic histories – Etruscan, Medieval, Oriental, Renaissance, '50s, '60s and '70s;
- designs incorporating the heritage of Italian classicism with a pinch of the surreal and humorous;
- designs strongly influenced by the interiors, the motifs, the spaces, and the dogs of Castello di Potentino;
- designs inspired by its surroundings - the vines, the olive groves, wood, stone, earth, water, wine, colour, season - its nature and its past re-thought and re-juggled for today’s needs and desires.