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Potentino hosts a series of concerts each year in August. If you would like to know more about this year's events, do subscribe to our mailing list and check the events page for the programme. Here are some of the past recordings. CDs are also available in the shop of resident composer Mark Springer's piece inspired by his time at Potentino. We always looking for new performers. Do get in touch if you would like to play at Potentino.

"You are here" No.1 Potentino Piano Solos

Composed by Mark Springer

Mark has captured the aerial, magical spirit of Potentino, distilling the essential quality of the castle and its rich nature into musical form. Composition is a process similar to wine making. The music makes me think of our wine and the valley and this ancient site which have been transformed into s series of evocative ‘vinous’ and liquid green breezy stone sounds. The piece underlines the Importance of Place in the creative act.

The Potentino Concerto

Composed by Mark Springer

After being inspired by a sense of place on Monte Amiata, in the creation of The Potentino Piano Quintet (2014), the pianist and composer, Mark Springer has directed his interest now into a musical exploration of the essential life of that place - the earthbound evolution of the Castello di Potentino's life blood - the vineyards, vines and wine culture that grows out of that volcanic land.

You can find out more about about Mark Springer and his work on his website: www.markspringer.net and www.exit.co.uk

Potentino Chronotype

By John Maybury

"Potentino Chronotope is my response to the Castello di Potentino. It is an intimate impression, made up of fleeting gestures and passing image, filmed when I spent a day alone at the Castle to take the footage. Potentino is a space where serendipity and the accidental happen in a random roll of the dice and I wanted to express that. The film explores the atmosphere of place." - John Maybury

"John Maybury's short film about Potentino takes you on a metaphysical trip through time, memory and the sensual experience latent in the interiors of this ancient building. We called it a "chronotope" as this means 'spacetime' and John Maybury's mesmeric film is the narrative fusion of time and space at the Castello di Potentino." - Charlotte Horton

You can find out more about about John Maybury here.

Paracastello - Milano, Salone del Mobile 2015- Fuorisalone at Studio "H+",

By Nigel Coates & Charlotte Horton

Nigel Coates and Charlotte Horton present a range of furniture inspired by Castello di Potentino. ‘Para’ meaning ‘in support of’ or ‘derived from’ the actual castle… para-castello was intended to evoke the castle spirit without slavishly complying with it. Coates is a frequent visitor to the Potentino and a great friend of Charlotte and Alexander. The show was hosted at Daniela Cataneo's Studio "H+". Filmed and edited by Margherita Leofanti for Studio "H+"

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